US 101 - 0.8 Miles N of Astoria-Megler Br. - Emergency Culvert Replacement - Project map

US 101 - 0.8 miles North of Astoria-Megler Bridge - Emergency Culvert Replacement project location in Pacific County, WA

On Tuesday, Feb. 16, due to heavy seasonal rainstorms and harsh winter weather, the existing culvert drainage system that runs underneath a portion of US 101 at milepost 1.2, just north of the Astoria-Megler Bridge, began to fail, causing a portion of the road to give way and sink.

In spring 2021, contractor crews working for the Washington State Department of Transportation, will begin work to replace the aging and failing 18-inch concrete culvert pipe with a larger 24-inch plastic culvert pipe. Installing a new larger culvert pipe will improve the drainage system in this area for years to come.