US 101 - SR 105 - SR 109 - Aberdeen-Hoquiam Signals - Rebuild Signals

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Needs & benefits

The traffic signal at the intersection of US 101 and SR 105 in south Aberdeen has reached the end of its useful life. The aging traffic signal prompted WSDOT to conduct an in-depth evaluation at the intersection that analyzed traffic patterns, the number of travelers that use the area, and collision history. Following the analysis, WSDOT proposes to replace the existing traffic signal with a modern double-lane roundabout.

Why a roundabout?
Studies have shown that roundabouts are safer than a traditional stop sign or traffic signal-controlled intersection. While promoting continuous traffic flow, roundabouts require drivers to slow down and allow them to safely continue on their journey with less delay when compared to a traffic signal. Roundabouts are designed to accommodate the largest legal loads, including chip trucks and logging trucks. They include industrial sized truck aprons with rolled-curbing to help large loads maneuver through the roundabout.

Why not just replace the traffic signal?
Replacing the traffic signal with a roundabout provides the greatest benefit to help reduce the potential for crashes while keeping traffic moving. Safety is paramount. Intersections with roundabouts lower the number of possible conflict points between vehicles and reduce the speed of vehicles. Roundabouts lower the risk of deadly crashes by 90 percent, and serious crashes by 75 percent. Transportation infrastructure across the state is aging. At the same time, there’s limited resources to maintain let alone replace infrastructure. A roundabout would eliminate costs associated with maintaining the traffic signal.

End Result
Crews will open a modern roundabout at this location in south Aberdeen that includes enhancements for bicyclists and pedestrians. 


Spring 2020: Preliminary design
Summer 2021: Construction
Fall 2021: Project complete


Total cost for project will be available after the project is awarded to a private contractor.


Karen Boone 
WSDOT Project Engineer

Doug Adamson
WSDOT Media Relations

Location of the US 101/SR 105 roundabout project.