SR 9 - 176th Street SE to SR 96 - Widening - Interim improvement project - Complete July 2018


WSDOT contractor crews widened and restriped a portion of SR 9 from 136th Street to SR 96 in Clearview to create a second northbound lane. The project extended the existing four-lane section by about 1,500 feet. Creating a second northbound lane will increase capacity in the area and will decrease congestion during peak travel times.

Needs & benefits

Congestion relief

Continued development in the area has increased the population and the number of vehicles on the road causing an increase in travel delays. Adding a second northbound lane will create more capacity and decrease travel times enough until a long-term solution is implemented. This project is a precursor to a future project that will widen SR 9 from 176th Street to SR 96. The full widening project is funded for design and right-of-way acquisition only. There is currently no funding for construction.


  • The total estimated cost for this project is $1.58 million.
  • This project will use 2005 gas tax and pre-existing funds from the larger SR 9 widening project.


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