SR 530 - Sauk-Suiattle Confluence - CED Retrofit - Complete Oct. 2019


The river bank along State Route 530 between Darrington and Rockport, parallel to the Sauk River, was classified as an area of chronic environmental deficiency (CED). CED status means the bank required frequent maintenance and repair to maintain the highway, which negatively affected the river’s fish habitat.

To solve that CED, in 2019, Washington State Department of Transportation contractor crews used a combination of logs and rocks to stabilize the bank between the Sauk River and SR 530. Crews also built an additional protective barrier, known as a toe revetment, to help protect the area from river currents and future erosion.

Completing this project helps to protect SR 530 and its travelers, the environment and helps prevent the need for emergency repairs.


Spring 2019: Contract awarded to Trimaxx Construction, Inc.
July 15, 2019: Construction began.
Sept. 2019: Around-the-clock road closures and bank stabilization work complete.
Fall 2019: Construction complete.


The estimated cost of this project was $3.1 million.


Northwest Region Communications

A small map of the area on SR 530 where WSDOT will perform bank stabilization.

A small photo of the log crib wall WSDOT built along SR 530 where the Sauk and Suiattle rivers meet.

The log crib wall WSDOT built along SR 530 where the Sauk and Suiattle rivers meet.

A small photo looking over SR 530 toward the project site for the Sauk-Suiattle bank stabilization project.
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