SR 524 - Yew Way railroad crossing/intersection adjustment - Complete September 2020


In summer 2020, we widened the Yew Way portion of northbound SR 524 in the Maltby area to add a through lane and added traffic signals at the intersection of Maltby Road and Yew Way. Adding a through lane allows vehicles continuing north on Yew Way to pass through the intersection more easily. In the old configuration, travelers could have to wait for vehicles turning left from Yew Way to Maltby Road. Vehicles turning left from Yew Way to Maltby Road also made it difficult for people traveling south on Yew Way to get through the intersection. This caused back-ups and delays during peak hours.

In addition to our work on the Yew Way portion, Snohomish County is installing a railroad crossing gate for tracks that cross the Maltby Road portion of SR 524.

How you benefit

Safety: Adding traffic signals at Maltby Road and Yew Way reduces the chance of a collision for people traveling through or turning left at the intersection. A separate through lane for northbound Yew Way traffic also reduces the chances of collisions. 

Relieves congestion: Having a through lane in addition to a left-turn only lane limits backups at the Yew Way-Maltby Road intersection. 


This $2.4 million project was paid for by pre-existing state funding sources.


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A small map showing the location of the SR 524 Yew Way intersection improvements

SR 524 Work zone

A small map showing the reconfigured SR 524 Maltby Road-Yew Way intersection.

SR 524 final configuration