SR 522 - SR 9 to Snohomish River Bridge Paving, Bridge Deck and Rumble Strip - Complete October 2018


WSDOT contractor crews repaved almost 4 miles of State Route 522 from just east of SR 9 to the Fales Road/Echo Lake Road off-ramp. They also added 3 miles of raised striping along the shoulders in both directions to improve safety from west of Fales Road/Echo Lake Road to the Snohomish River Bridge. In addition to the highway work, eastbound SR 522 across the Snohomish River Bridge was also repaved.

With up to 34,000 vehicles using SR 522 daily, the pavement was worn out with ruts and cracks that can lead to potholes. Repaving the road improved the driving surface for travelers and reduced the chances of costly emergency repairs.

Needs & benefits

  • Safety: Improving the highway surface eliminates and helps prevent future potholes, cracks and wheel ruts where water can collect. This gives drivers a safer, smoother ride. 
  • Economic: Paving reduces the need for emergency pavement repairs, which are costly to taxpayers and can cause additional congestion during peak commute hours.


  • The total estimated cost for this project is $4.98 million.
  • Connecting Washington, pre-existing funds and federal funds are being used for this project.


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Map of SR 522 paving project between Maltby and Monroe