SR 520 - 148th Ave NE Interchange - Overlake Access Ramp - Off-ramp options

The Overlake access ramp design will include two off-ramps and will help meet three key goals:

  • Increase traffic flow for drivers exiting the eastbound off-ramp.
  • Calm traffic in the transition zone between highway traffic and neighborhood streets.
  • Minimize impacts on the surrounding community during construction.

WSDOT is working closely with the city of Redmond, Sound Transit, and other key project partners to ensure the project meets the diverse needs of a growing community. Here’s how vehicles can expect to move through the area when the project is complete:

Off-ramp #1: Exit toward southbound 148th Avenue Northeast

Currently, there is one SR 520 eastbound off-ramp that connects to southbound 148th Avenue Northeast. WSDOT will relocate the existing ramp and add a second eastbound off-ramp, creating a “split ramp.”

  • To travel southbound on 148th Avenue Northeast, vehicles will exit eastbound on SR 520, take the new split ramp and select the left off-ramp.
  • As the off-ramp reaches 148th Avenue Northeast, two lanes are available to vehicles.
  • A new traffic light will be installed where the off-ramp meets 148th Avenue Northeast.
  • At the intersection, vehicles can use one of two right-turn-only lanes onto southbound 148th Avenue Northeast.

Off-ramp #2: Exit toward Overlake Village and light rail

  • To travel towards Overlake Village or the light rail station, vehicles will exit eastbound on SR 520, take the new split ramp and select the right lane. The ramp will include one lane of travel.
  • Vehicles will then travel under 148th Avenue Northeast through a tunnel, reaching a roundabout near Overlake Village.
  • Once vehicles leave the tunnel, the roadway turns into two lanes.

This video showaces the two off-ramps that will be built.