SR 503 - NE 154th St. to SR 502 Median Barrier

Project overview

To improve safety, concrete barriers will be installed within the median on State Route 503 between Northeast 154th Street in Brush Prairie and SR 502/Main Street in Battle Ground.  

Data shows that these two separate segments within this stretch of SR 503 are among the top 20 highest locations for crashes along similar highways in Southwest Washington. Placing traffic barriers between the northbound and southbound lanes of SR 503 will improve safety for all users of the highway by eliminating crossover collisions and reducing the risk of collisions involving left turns between intersections.

Once the traffic barriers are installed, all other access on and-off of SR 503 through this corridor will be restricted to right turns only, except at signalized intersections. Access at existing intersections will remain unchanged.   

The end result
Improved safety and reduced collisions along this stretch of SR 503.    

Needs & benefits

This project will result in a safer commute for the traveling public by eliminating crossover collisions and reducing the risk of left-turn related collisions between intersections.


  • Fall 2019: Project goes to competitive bid
  • Spring 2020: Construction scheduled to begin
  • Summer 2020: Construction scheduled for completion


This project is estimated to cost between $1,000,000 - $2,000,000


Paul Harrison – Assistant project engineer

Celeste Dimichina – Communications

State Route 503 - Northeast 154th Street to State Route 502 median barrier project