SR 500 - NE Robinson Rd and NE 3rd St - Intersection Safety Improvements

Project news

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Needs & benefits

The purpose of this project is to improve safety on SR 500 along the curves at NE Robinson Road and NE 3rd  Street. There is a history of intersection related crashes and run off the road crashes at these two locations. The project designers will use proven measures to calm traffic, increase sight distance, and improve curve navigation. The primary goal is crash reduction. The Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT’s) Target Zero highway safety program has been developed to reduce fatal and serious crashes across the state in the most economical and efficient manner. WSDOT uses a priority programming system to determine which locations have the highest potential for the reduction of fatal and serious injury crashes, and return the greatest benefit for the cost of the project. The intersections at SR 500 / NE Robinson Rd and NE 3rd street have been identified for safety improvements in the priority array.

The state highway in this location was formerly a county road. WSDOT’s earliest record shows crushed rock and asphalt oil applied in 1930. Since then the road has been maintained with layers of chip-seal surface treatment. The last chip-seal was in 2016, and currently 5,500 vehicles travel on this road per day.

Construction details

Flagging, single lane closures, delays of up to 20 minutes.


  • Summer 2018: Location safety analysis
  • Spring 2019: Scoping level project summary
  • Summer 2020 – Fall 2021: Design Phase
  • Spring 2022: Project goes to competitive bidding
  • Summer 2022: Construction begins
  • Fall 2022: Project completion


The current estimated cost of the project is $2.5 Million, funded entirely by the state through the I 2 Crash reduction program.


Mike Briggs, Project Engineer, (360) 759-1302

Celeste Dimichina, Communications, 360-905-2057

SR 500/NE Robinson Rd and NE 3rd St. - Intersection Safety Improvements project map