SR 500 - NE 42nd and 54th Intersection Improvements - Project map

State Route 500 - Northeast 42nd and 54th Avenues - Intersection Improvements - Project Map

We are beginning work to identify the best way to restore the north/south connection across State Route 500 at Northeast 54th Avenue/Northeast Stapleton for people who walk, bike or roll across the highway.

To improve safety and travel reliability along SR 500 in Vancouver WSDOT removed the traffic lights on SR 500 at Northeast Falk Road/Northeast 42nd Avenue and Northeast 54th Avenue/Northeast Stapleton Road in Nov. 2018. While the safety improvements worked, and we have seen improved travel times along with a nearly 70% reduction in crashes at or near the two intersections, the removal of the lights also removed access for travelers using sidewalks or bicycles to cross SR 500 at Northeast 54th Avenue/Northeast Stapleton. 

By restoring the north/south connection across SR 500 at Northeast 54th Avenue/Northeast Stapleton, the new overcrossing is another step towards improved safety and accessibility for all travelers along this stretch of highway.