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State Route 3 in Belfair regularly experiences congestion during peak commute hours, especially as numerous drivers stop and make turns. Heavy congestion has the potential to negatively affect emergency response times and economic vitality. This project, formerly known as the "Belfair Bypass," has a proposed alignment between SR 302 and Southwest Lake Flora Road. The new 6-mile corridor would improve travel times for regional traffic, lower the volume of regional traffic in Belfair, and help reduce the potential for collisions.

After an in-depth study that included traffic patterns and the number of travelers using this area, WSDOT will use single-lane roundabouts to connect the SR 3 Freight Corridor with existing SR 3 at SR 302 and near Southwest Lake Flora Road. The new two-lane route will help reduce regional congestion through the Belfair business core.

Why roundabouts?
Intersections with roundabouts lower the number of possible conflict points between vehicles and reduce the speed of vehicles. Roundabouts lower the risk of deadly and serious injury collisions.

Improved traffic flow – Roundabouts are designed to promote a continuous flow of traffic.
Saves money – Reduced maintenance and repair costs.
Accommodates all vehicles - Including farm, freight, and logging trucks
Provides access for pedestrians and bicyclists

The proposed design helps reduce the potential for crashes while keeping traffic moving. Modern roundabouts are highly efficient. Unlike a stop sign or a traffic signal, roundabouts offer continuous flow of vehicle traffic.

Roundabouts on state highways?
Tens of thousands of drivers use roundabouts daily on state highways in Washington. WSDOT uses signage to provide advance notification of roundabouts. Crews build gently curving traffic islands to help reduce vehicle speeds and guide traffic to and through the roundabout.

The End Result 

Crews will create a new route for SR 3 while maintaining the existing state highway through Belfair as a business loop. The proposed 6-miles of new highway would provide a new option for drivers to travel around and not through Belfair. The new portion of SR 3 is a Limited Access Corridor. A Limited Access Corridor restricts the total number of intersections. The restriction benefits through-travelers by shortening travel times due to reduced slowing or stopping traffic. 

In order to reach the new corridor to and from SR 3, crews will build modern single-lane roundabouts at the end points of the new roadway between SR 302 and the area near Southwest Lake Flora Road. 


Spring 2019 - Beginning of stakeholder involvement
Spring 2020 - Project design
Fall 2020 - Environmental revaluation
Spring 2024 - Beginning of construction 
Early winter 2026 - Completion 


Financial Data for PIN 300344E
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $0
CWA $66,910
Total $66,910


Lone Moody, 360-874-3010
WSDOT Port Orchard Project Engineer

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WSDOT Communications

 SR 3 Belfair Freight Corridor Proposed Alignment