SR 240 - Steptoe Roundabout Traffic Metering

Project News

  • The traffic meter at the Steptoe Roundabout is activated during the peak afternoon commute.
  • Take a look at our video explaining how we will be metering traffic at the roundabout.


In 2007, WSDOT built a roundabout at the intersection of Steptoe Street and Columbia Park Trail off of State Route 240 to relieve congestion and ensure better traffic flow. However, increased urban growth and traffic volumes over the past 11 years has presented a new challenge. During peak travel hours, traffic is starting to back-up onto the eastbound off-ramp of SR 240, which creates opportunity for high speed, rear-end collisions.

Needs & Benefits

WSDOT is taking a proactive approach to quickly and effectively reduce back-ups and collisions by using a traffic tool known as traffic metering, which is being used across the state. Traffic metering will allow vehicles to enter the roundabout one car at a time using a traffic signal. This method allows traffic to enter the roundaoubt in a controlled, but free flowing manner and will only be activiated when back-ups occur at the off-ramp during peak travel hours. Traffic metering will improve safety by eliminating the opportunity for collisions, drivers will still need to yield to traffic in the roundabout. 


  • Summer 2018 - Design work
  • Fall 2018 - Construction begins
  • Fall 2018 - Scheduled completion


This $100,000 project is funded through existing funds designated for emergent need projects.


Alex Sanguino
WSDOT Project Engineer

Meagan Lott
WSDOT Communications

SR 240 Steptoe small map

Traffic metering at the SR 240 Steptoe Roundabout in Richland.
Traffic metering at peak travel times will improve safety by reducing high speed, rear-end collisions.