SR 21 - West Fork Sanpoil Bridge Replacement - Complete October 2020

Project news

The new bridge on SR 21 crossing the West Fork Sanpoil River is now open to traffic. On Oct. 15, a small group, following the Governor's Safe Start Plan, celebrated the opening of the new bridge with a ribbon-cutting ceremony

On State Route 21, approximately 15 miles south of Republic, there is currently just one lane over the West Fork Sanpoil River temporary bridge. This project will construct a new permanent bridge, with construction beginning in late spring 2019. A temporary bridge will be used during construction in order to keep SR 21 open. The new bridge will be 117 feet in length, which is 60 feet longer than the existing bridge, and will have 11' lanes and 4' shoulders.

Needs & benefits

On April 8, 2017, the Sanpoil River changed course and began flowing against the south roadway embankment. The embankment was quickly washed away, resulting in the collapse of the roadway pavement leading up to the bridge. As the river continued to erode the roadway approaching the bridge, water began flowing under the south abutment footing creating a void. The bridge was inspected and it was determined, if simply repaired, this could happen again. Therefore this project will repair the stream bed, reinforce the banks and build a new bridge with a longer span and deeper foundations.


The project is scheduled to begin June 17, 2019, and was substantially completed in the fall of 2020. 


Financial Data for PIN 602114D
Amount ($ in thousands)

  • Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) - $8,684
  • Total - $8,684


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Location of the West Fork Sanpoil Bridge Replacement