SR 202 - Evans & Patterson Creek - Fish passage - Culvert information

The culverts that carry Evans and Patterson creeks, along with two unnamed tributaries to Patterson Creek are in the following locations under SR 202:

  • The Evans Creek culvert is located almost halfway between 228th Avenue Northeast and 236th Avenue Northeast at milepost 11.69.
  • The Patterson Creek culvert is located a few hundred feet east of 244th Avenue Northeast at milepost 13.22.
  • The culvert for the unnamed west tributary to Patterson Creek is located several hundred feet east of 308th Avenue Southeast at milepost 19.69, at the western edge of a forested greenbelt.
  • The culvert for the unnamed east tributary to Patterson Creek is located just a bit farther to the east, at milepost 19.76, which is the eastern edge of the greenbelt.

A large photo showing the culvert that carries an unnamed tributary of Patterson Creek where it flows under SR 202 between Redmond and Fall City, Washington

This culvert carries the unnamed west tributary of Patterson Creek under SR 202, east of 308th Avenue Southeast.