SR 202 - Evans & Patterson Creek - Fish Passage - Completed September 2020


During summer 2020 Our contractor crews replaced three culverts that carry Patterson Creek and tributaries under SR 202 between Redmond and Fall City. These culverts needed to be replaced because either the water flowed too fast, were too shallow or had too large a drop for fish to continue upstream. The crews installed new box culverts that have natural streambeds, allowing salmon and trout to reach an additional 11 miles of habitat.

A culvert replacement for Evans Creek under SR 202 originally was included in this contract, but was deleted and will be scheduled as a separate project at a later date.

How you benefit

Environmental: Replacing the culverts restores Patterson Creek and two tributaries to a more natural state and improves passage for resident and migratory fish and aquatic life.


This $16.9 million project was paid for with Connecting Washington and pre-existing funds.


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A small map showing the locations of the Evans and Patterson creeks culverts under SR 202 between Redmond and Fall City, Washington

A small photo showing the culvert that carries Patterson Creek under SR 202 between Redmond and Fall City, Washington