SR 167 Completion Project - 70th Avenue East Bridge construction

February 2021 Update

Northbound SR 99 moves to the new roundabout

On Wednesday, February 10, northbound SR 99 traffic in Fife moved into the new SR 99 roundabout. Drivers are advised to slow down when approaching the roundabout to a safe speed of 15 mph. Construction crews are now building the southbound lanes of the roundabout. Southbound SR 99 traffic stays in its current configuration until the southbound roundabout lanes are complete.

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A diagram of the upcoming SR 99 roundabout in Fife, WA
Northbound SR 99 traffic is highlighted in green. Southbound traffic, highlighted in blue, will shift into the roundabout later this year.

New 70th Avenue East Bridge paved

In January, the construction team took a major step forward when they paved the bridge deck of the new bridge in just one day. Watch this video to see how it was done. Crews are now finishing the approaches to the four-lane bridge that will replace the nearby two-lane 70th Avenue East bridge. The new bridge and roundabout should be fully open by mid-2021. See how the bridge’s supersized beams were assembled over I-5 in August 2020.

View real-time construction cameras and 360° views

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About the SR 167/70th Avenue East Bridge project

The SR 167 / 70th Avenue Bridge project is part of a larger effort to complete SR 167 and improve connections to I-5 and the Port of Tacoma. The new four-lane bridge replaces a two-lane bridge and provides a 12-foot wide path for pedestrians and bicycles. WSDOT will remove the existing 70th Avenue East bridge as part of the next stage of construction. The project also includes a new roundabout at the 70th Avenue East/SR 99 intersection, a new Interurban Trail parking lot and several hundred feet of new trail.

SR 167 completion project 70th Ave E Bridge Project stage 1a

Construction Timeline

Spring 2020

Work started on the new 70th Ave East Bridge and nearby roundabout.

Summer 2020/Fall 2020

Construction started on the new Interurban Trail parking lot and trail.

Bridge and SR 99 roundabout construction continues.  Northbound traffic shifts to the new roundabout in late summer/early fall while work continues on southbound roundabout connections.

Fall 2020 – Summer 2021

Bridge construction continues along with work on the roads leading to and from the bridge. The Interurban Trail and parking lot should be completed. 

Summer 2021

The new 70th Avenue East Bridge and SR 99 roundabout open to traffic.

For specific information about planned lane and road closures, visit WSDOT Pierce County Construction.

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