SR 167 Completion Project - 70th Avenue East Bridge construction

Now open: Wapato Way Bridge and SR 99 roundabout in Fife

In late June 2021, after just a year and a half of construction, the new Wapato Way East Bridge over I-5 opened to traffic. Additional access lanes also opened on the nearby SR 99 roundabout, directly connecting the bridge to-and-from SR 99. The new four-lane bridge doubles the capacity of the 70th Avenue East Bridge it replaced. A few weeks after the bridge opened to traffic, WSDOT opened a new 12-foot-wide shared-use path on the bridge. This dedicated path provides new access for those who walk and roll, with direct connections to the Interurban Trail, new SR 99 sidewalks and crosswalks, and a new parking lot on 20th Street East. A concrete barrier separates the path from traffic on the bridge to provide safe access for all.

The new Wapato Way East Bridge, path, and roundabout are part of a larger project to improve travel for all modes in north Pierce County. This video shows the benefits of the new bridge and why it is such an important milestone on the way to completing SR 167 between Puyallup and the Port of Tacoma. 

Shared use path map

SR 99 roundabout

The SR 99 roundabout provides direct access between SR 99 and the Wapato Way East Bridge. The roundabout replaced a signal at SR 99 and 70th Avenue East, which contributed to frequent backups on the old 70th Avenue East bridge. The multi-lane roundabout improves traffic flow, reduces delays, and provides new access and safety features for pedestrians.

A flow diagram of traffic on the new SR 99 Roundabout and Wapato Way Bridge

Driving through a multi-lane roundabout :

  • Slow down when entering the roundabout; the posted speed limit on SR 99 is 35 mph and a safe roundabout speed is 15 mph.
  • Give trucks plenty of space in the roundabout and do not drive next to or attempt to pass trucks in the roundabout. By law, trucks are allowed to straddle lanes in the roundabout.
  • Be aware of pedestrians and bicyclists. By law, drivers must yield to pedestrians.
  • Learn more about roundabouts.


A diagram of how to use the SR 99 roundabout driving south

If you are continuing south on SR 99 or getting onto southbound SR 99 from the new bridge, you can use either lane of the roundabout.

A diagram of how to use the SR 99 roundabout driving north

If you are continuing north on SR 99, you can use either lane of the roundabout. If you are getting onto northbound SR 99 from the new bridge, you can bypass the roundabout by using the right “slip” lane.

A diagram of how to access the new Wapato Way bridge from the SR 99 roundabout

To access the new bridge from northbound SR 99, use the right “slip” lane to bypass the roundabout. To access the new bridge from southbound SR 99, use the left lane and stay in it as you proceed through the roundabout.

A diagram of how to use the SR 99 roundabout as a pedestrian

Pedestrians should use the marked crosswalks and should activate the beacons and wait for traffic to stop before crossing roundabout lanes.


View real-time roundabout construction camera 

            View real-time construction camera.                                 

An image of a camera over a photo of I-5                    

Construction Timeline

Spring 2020

Work started on the new Wapato Way East Bridge, SR 99 roundabout and new Interurban Trail parking lot

August 2020

Ten of the longest girders ever used in bridge construction were hoisted across I-5 to form the foundation of the new bridge. Each girder is 220 feet long. This video shows the work. These girders eliminated the need to build supports in the middle of I-5, allowing for faster construction.

June 2021

The new Wapato Way East Bridge and SR 99 roundabout fully opened to traffic.

July  2021

The 12-foot-wide shared-use path on the bridge opened, along with 400 new feet of Interurban Trail and a new trail parking lot.

Through fall 2021

Finishing touches including landscaping

For specific information about planned lane and road closures, visit WSDOT Pierce County Construction.