SR 166 - Bethel/Bay/Maple Intersection - Roundabout

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Needs & benefits

The existing traffic signal at this intersection has reached the end of its useful life. Following research and analysis, WSDOT proposes to replace the existing traffic signal with a modern single-lane roundabout.

Due to a number of benefits, WSDOT currently has more the 100 roundabouts on other state highways in Washington. These benefits include helping reduce the potential for crashes while keeping traffic moving. There are several reasons why roundabouts help reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions:

  • Low travel speeds – Drivers must slow down and yield to traffic before entering a roundabout. Speeds in the roundabout are typically between 15 and 20 miles per hour. The few collisions that occur in roundabouts are typically minor and cause few injuries since they occur at such low speeds.
  • No light to beat – Roundabouts are designed to promote a continuous flow of traffic. Drivers need only yield to traffic before entering a roundabout; if there is no traffic in the roundabout, drivers are not required to stop. Because traffic is constantly flowing through the intersection, drivers don't have the incentive to speed up to try and "beat the light," like they might at a traditional intersection.
  • One-way travel – Roads entering a roundabout are gently curved to direct drivers into the intersection and help them travel counterclockwise around the roundabout. The curved roads and one-way travel around the roundabout eliminate the possibility for T-bone and head-on collisions.


Late winter/early spring 2022 - Project advertised for competitive bidding

Start of construction - Early spring 2022

Completion - Fall 2022


The total amount will become available after the project is awarded to a private contractor following a competitive bidding process. 


Lone Moody
WSDOT Port Orchard Project Engineer

Doug Adamson
WSDOT Media Relations

SR 166 Bethel East Bay Streets and Maple Avenue project vicinity map