SR 14 - SE 164th Ave to NW 6th Ave - Paving

Project news

Beginning in summer 2019, contractor crews working for the Washington State Department of Transportation, will begin work to repair and repave just over 3.5-miles of State Route 14, between Southeast 164th Avenue and Northwest 6th Avenue, in east Clark County.  

Needs & benefits

Why is WSDOT repaving this stretch of SR 14? 
Last paved in 2003, the asphalt within this 3.5-mile stretch of SR 14 is showing its age with ruts and cracks, and is in need of repair. During construction, contractor crews will repave the highway, smooth ruts, seal cracks, restripe, and remove and replace damaged guardrail throughout the work zone. Performing this work will extend the useful life of the highway, improve safety and provide a smoother ride for travelers. 

The End Result
Repaving and repairing this stretch of highway extends the life of the interstate and preserves this important corridor for many years to come.

Project Benefits

  • Preservation – Repaving and repairing over 3.5-miles of SR 14 will improve the surface of the roadway and extend the life of the highway. 
  • Safety – Removing ruts and cracks will produce a smoother highway surface, creating a safer ride for drivers. 
  • Economic – Repaving sections along this stretch of highway will reduce the need for costly emergency repairs and maintenance work.

What can travelers expect during construction?

During construction, travelers should expect nighttime, single and double lane closures, as well as intermittent on- and off-ramp closures. Travelers should plan to use an alternate route when one of the on- or off-ramps are closed.   


  • July 2019: Construction scheduled to begin
  • August 2019: Construction scheduled for completion


The estimated cost of this project is $2.856 million


Devin Reck - Project Engineer

Celeste Dimichina - WSDOT Communications

SR 14 - Southeast 164th Avenue to Northwest 6th Avenue - Paving Project Map