SR 104 - Hood Canal Bridge - Centerlock Rehabilitation

Project news

  • During summer 2021, crews will require a series of weekend total closures and intermittent closers of the bridge to all travelers. WSDOT will announce the closures to travelers when they are scheduled.
  • WSDOT offers SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge email alerts. Hood Canal Bridge text messages are available by texting the words “wsdot hood” to 468311.

Needs & benefits

The SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge is truly unique. Massive hydraulic systems lift, retract and extend the driving surface of the bridge. The movement creates an opening large enough for marine traffic.

A key element of this bridge helps keep both halves of the bridge together. The area, called a center lock, is similar to a door’s deadbolt. During this project, crews will bolster the center lock to better withstand tremendous forces, especially during powerful winter storms and fast-moving tides.

 Crews also will make permanent repairs to another system. Twin metallic objects shaped like pyramids on one half of the bridge help guide the bridge into dual receivers located on the second half of the bridge. Workers will temporarily remove both systems - called pyramids - and a large metal plate that secures the pyramids in place. Crews will then reinstall metal plate and the pyramids using industrial-sized bolts.

During winter 2020, WSDOT maintenance crews made temporary repairs to the mechanisms. During summer 2021, contractor crews working for WSDOT will make permanent repairs to the pyramids.

During the work, it will be necessary to close the bridge to all vehicular traffic over a series of nights. Closure information will be available on this web page and

The End Result
Repairs will extend the ability for the bridge to open for marine traffic and close the drawspan for all travelers crossing the SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge. With no convenient alternate routes between Kitsap and Jefferson, repairing the bridge preserves an important lifeline for residents and businesses.


January 2021 - Project advertised for competitive bidding
Summer 2021 – Construction
Late summer 2021 – Project complete 


Total project cost will be available once a successful low-bid contractor has been selected. This project is anticipated to enter competitive bidding this spring.


Doug Adamson, 360-357-2716
WSDOT Media Relations 

Lone Moody, 253-538-3360
WSDOT Port Orchard Project Engineer

Map of SR 104 Hood Canal bridge