I-5 - SR 528 - Marine Drive & 88th St NE Interchanges - Tulalip Tribe Lead

Project news

  • This project is led by the Tulalip Tribes which are hosting monthly Study Support Team meetings.
  • The support team is reviewing alternatives for each interchange to determined preferred alternatives
  • More information about this project is available on the Tulalip Tribes project website

Needs & benefits

The Tulalip Tribes are planning improvements to the SR 528/4th Street Northeast/Marine Drive and 88th Street Northeast interchanges on I-5 within the reservation boundaries. These interchanges are two of only three access points to the reservation from I-5, so they are important to the Tribes. Goods, services, higher education, healthcare, jobs, and economic development depend on safe, efficient access to and from the reservation. 

Several years ago, the Tulalip Tribes completed major improvements at the I-5/116th Street Northeast interchange. The SR 528/4th Street Northeast/Marine Drive and 88th Street Northeast interchanges will be improved next. 

Both interchanges experience frequent congestion for all users including private and commercial vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists and transit. Often, I-5 traffic exiting to the reservation of the city of Marysville experience off-ramp backups that extend onto I-5. Local street configurations and disruptions from passing trains can add to this congestion.

Improvements to these interchanges will support the economic vitality of the Tulalip Tribes and benefit the city of Marysville and Snohomish County by reducing congestion and improving mobility. 


  • 2019-2021: Alternative screening
  • 2020-2021: Alternative selection
  • 2020-2022: Preliminary design work
  • 2022: Contractor selection
  • 2023-2024: Construction


WSDOT provided $50 million to the Tulalip Tribes for the improvements at the three interchanges, fulfilling a commitment to the Tribes during construction of I-5 in the early 1970s. The Tribes used $15 million for 116th Street Northeast improvements. The Tribes intend to use the balance on this project. 

This map shows the location of the I-5 interchange at SR 528/4th Street Northeast/Marine Drive near Marysville, Washington