I-5 - Olympia Area Southbound - Congestion Management - Complete September 2019


During summer 2019, crews built southbound I-5 ramp meters between Lacey and Olympia. These ramp meters are located at Marvin Road, Martin Way East Sleater-Kinney Road Southeast, Pacific Avenue Southeast and Henderson Boulevard Southeast.

How you benefit

Multiple vehicles merging onto the highway at the same time contributes to southbound I-5 congestion between Lacey and Olympia. A platoon of merging vehicles will cause drivers using I-5 to change lanes or slow down. This has a cumulative affect that contributes to congestion.

Ramp meters pace the flow of merging traffic. A short wait at a traffic signal on the on-ramp helps break up the platoon of vehicles. When vehicles enter the highway in controlled intervals, those vehicles are less likely to disrupt highway flow.


The total project cost is $1.53 million. 


Lacey Project Engineer Office


I-5 Olympia Area Southbound Congestion Management project vicinity map