I-205 - I-5 Pavement Rehabilitation

Project news

Beginning in summer 2019, contractor crews working for the Washington State Department of Transportation will work to rehabilitate nearly 4.5 miles on Interstate 5 and nearly 10.5 miles on I-205, in Clark County. The project will be located along both directions of I-205 between mileposts 26.56 to 37.16, and on southbound I-5, between mileposts 7.47 to 12.0.  

Needs & benefits

Why is WSDOT rehabilitating stretches of I-5 and I-205?
Several sections along both highways are showing signs of wear and tear: There are cracks, ruts and potholes in many places along these two highways. This $3.5 million project will extend the life of the roadway and provide a smoother surface and safer ride for drivers.

Concrete panel replacement
Crews will replace failing concrete panels throughout the length of the project. These panels are cracked beyond repair.

Sections of asphalt along these two stretches of highway are nearing the end of their lifespan and will be removed. Crews will grind off the top layer of asphalt and repave with a new layer of asphalt. Repaving produces a smoother and safer highway surface and extends the life of our infrastructure. 

The End Result
Rehabilitating these two stretches of highway extends the life of the interstate and preserves these important commuter and freight corridors for many years to come. 

Project Benefits

  • Preservation – Repaving sections of I-5 and I-205 will improve the surface of the roadway and extend the life of the highway. 
  • Safety – Removing ruts and cracks will produce a smoother highway surface, creating a safer ride for drivers. 
  • Economic – Repaving sections along these two highways will reduce the need for costly emergency repairs and maintenance work.

What can travelers expect during construction?

During construction, travelers should expect nighttime, single and double lane closures, on both highways, as well as intermittent on- and off-ramp closures along I-205.  


  • Spring 2019: Project goes to competitive bidding
  • Summer 2019: Construction scheduled to begin
  • Fall 2019: Construction scheduled for completion 


The estimated cost of this project is $3.5 mil


Columbia Gorge Area Project Office

Celeste Dimichina - Communications

I-205 and I-5 Pavement Rehabilitation - project map for I-5 paving location in Clark County
(Pavement rehabilitation along southbound I-5 between mileposts 7.47 to 12.0)

I-205 and I-5 Pavement Rehabilitation - project map for I-205 paving location in Clark County
(Pavement rehabilitation along both directions of I-205 between mileposts 26.56 to 37.16)