SR 525 - Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal: What to expect during construction

The Mukilteo ferry terminal is open for business

See more construction photos and maps and see the page "Getting to the Mukilteo ferry" for information and maps showing how to access the new terminal.  

A photo tour of the newly opened terminal

ferry unloading at the Mukilteo ferry terminal

A ferry unloading at the new Mukilteo ferry terminal. The overhead walkway connecting the ferry to the terminal (at left) opened in April. 

The overhead passenger walkway between the ferry and the Mukilteo terminal building.

This overhead walkway leads to and from the ferry and streamlines loading as walk-on passengers load and unload here while vehicles load below. 

overlooking the Mukilteo terminal holding and exit lanes

The view from tpassenger building's second-floor balcony overlooking exit and holding lanes. 

Mukilteo passenger building interior

Inside the Mukilteo passenger building looking toward the overhead walkway with Whidbey Island beyond that. 

Looking at the Mukilteo passenger building from the west promenade

The passenger building from the west promenade. 

stand-up counter offers place to plug in and work

This standup counter offers a place to work and charge your phone and laptop while waiting for the ferry. It looks out toward Whidbey Island. The counter's wood was salvaged from the old U.S. Air Force fueling pier that used to be in the water there. After being stored for years, it was refinished and earned a permanent place inside the passenger building. 

Mukilteo terminal connections to transit and local beach

The transit center, mere steps outside the passenger building's gates, is where buses drop off and pick up. Two ADA parking spots inside the parking lot are set aside for drivers to stop briefly to pick up or drop off passengers. Edgewater Beach is just beyond that. 

Mukilteo toll plaza and Coast Salish interpretive board

The toll plaza features two tribal welcome figures designed by Suquamish artist Kate Ahvakana to greet ferry passengers.

Waterfront development: The project is one part of a larger redevelopment plan for Mukilteo's waterfront, which includes improved beach and trail access, the addition of mixed-use buildings, and more.