Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock Project - What to expect during construction

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Information below is focused on construction updates. Please visit Getting to Colman if you’re seeking information about access for vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists.

Aug. 23, 2021

Construction crane at Seattle’s Colman Dock is in small area of holding lanes 4 – 7 off and on through October

If you pass through our Seattle terminal, you’ll soon notice a construction crane adjacent to where vehicles board and disembark ferries. Beginning Aug. 23, our Colman Dock project crews will move the crane into a small portion of the Bremerton vehicle holding lanes. While there will be 16 fewer vehicle holding spaces on the dock, terminal crews will continue to process and load vehicles to meet departure times.

Here's a photo of the crane that was moved into the holding lanes on Aug. 23:

Photo of crane at Seattle's Colman Dock at the head of vehicle holding lanes 4 through 7

Map of crane placement and construction zone at Seattle's Colman Dock

From time to time through October, a crane will move from the construction zone into the head of vehicle holding lanes 4 through 7 to complete in-water work nearby.

The location of this crane within the vehicle holding lanes will bring no changes in bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian or accessibility access.

Media joins us for construction milestone
Members of the media joined our team last Friday, Aug. 13, when crews placed the final pre-cast concrete panel on the north side of Colman Dock.  on Friday. This completes one of the key elements of our Seattle terminal project – a new concrete and steel trestle that meets current seismic standards. This also means we’ll be able to reopen the Marion Street vehicle exit this fall, providing a second option for drivers disembarking vessels arriving from Bremerton or Bainbridge Island. The exit has been closed since October 2020, leaving just a single vehicle exit at Yesler Street. The project is scheduled to be complete in 2023.

precast concrete trestle panel
In a project milestone, the final pre-cast concrete panel was placed on the north side of Colman Dock in Seattle. 

Photo of members of the media with cameras at Seattle's Colman Dock
Media captured the placement of the final pre-cast panel on Friday, Aug. 13, 2021—a milestone for the new trestle. 

June 2021 Construction Update

What a year it has been! In May 2020 we restarted construction at Colman Dock after a 6-week shutdown due to COVID-19. Our contractor, Hoffman Pacific (HP), developed and implemented a safety plan to ensure that construction workers would remain safe while continuing work at Colman Dock. We appreciate all the work that HP put into this plan—to protect workers and allow continued progress on Colman Dock. A year later HP is still following CDC guidance and Governor Inslee’s directives to ensure compliance with these evolving safety practices. The measured restart of construction set the stage for a phased return to full construction, steadily increasing crews with more than 100 workers onsite now.

Take a look at the amazing progress since the start of construction in 2017!

Side-by-side aerial photos of Seattle's Colman Dock showing construction progress from 2017 to 2021

As you can see by these aerial photos from June 2017 and 2021, construction crews have made significant progress since construction began—with the new terminal shown on the right facing the vessel slips and the water. The trestle supporting the old vehicle holding lanes shown on the left is being rebuilt with new steel piles and concrete for seismic safety to meet the 75-year design life.

Colman crews accomplished key milestones since 2017:

  • Completed the southern third of the new terminal building, which opened in September 2019 for passengers traveling to and from Bremerton and Bainbridge Island.
  • Launched work in early January 2021 on the second and final phase of terminal building construction.
  • Finishing the exterior of the terminal building in 2021, allowing crews to continue interior electrical, wiring, and finish work to open the full terminal in 2022.
  • Constructed a temporary pedestrian overpass at Columbia Street to the terminal, allowing people walking and rolling to bypass busy Alaskan Way.
  • Removed approximately 5,000 tons of creosote-treated wood, including piles and other trestle structure from Elliott Bay.
  • Completed the new overhead loading passenger structure for slip 3, on the north end of the terminal.
  • Constructed the new trestle for future vehicle holding, with a total of 500 new steel piles and concrete to meet seismic and operating requirements.  
  • Built the new passenger-only ferry terminal on the south side of Colman Dock for the King County Water Taxi and the Kitsap Transit Passenger Only Ferry boats.

Please visit Getting to Colman if you’re seeking information about access for vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists.

Current photos of the Colman Dock Terminal and Construction Site

Photo of terminal building roof construction at Seattle's Colman Dock

June 2021: Colman Dock Project Engineer Carl Vogt picked a great June day to view the new Colman terminal roof that is under construction. The triangle with window glazing is called a clerestory, which will provide natural light inside the terminal. The Seattle Seahawks’ play at Lumen Field, with the white arches, just south and east of Colman Dock. The Seattle Mariners’ T-Mobile Park is further south with the dark, arched roof line.

Photo of trestle construction at Seattle's Colman Dock

June 2021: Colman Dock trestle under construction. This will be the new vehicle holding area. The pre-cast concrete panels are lifted by crane and placed by workers. The areas between the panels are then filled with concrete poured in place. The buildings shown are across Alaskan Way from the terminal construction site.

Photo of Slip 3 construction at Seattle's Colman Dock

Newly built slip 3 passenger walkway, or overhead loading structure, that opened to passengers in winter 2019.

For more photos, videos and images, please visit the Colman Dock Photo Album.

What to expect in the new, partially completed terminal building

The new passenger terminal building is partially open, providing passenger access to the Bremerton and Bainbridge Island ferries. The terminal building construction was phased in order to maintain full operation for both Bremerton and Bainbridge Island routes. Until the rest of the terminal is open in 2022, we are operating in just one third of the building and have fewer amenities than the full facility will have. Passengers should plan to arrive about 10 minutes before departure to avoid standing in line for long periods of time.

The partially open terminal building maintains:

  • Full ferry service to Bremerton and Bainbridge Island
  • Ticket sales
  • ADA accessible restrooms 
  • Limited seating
  • Vending machines
  • Visual paging services
  • Pedestrian connections to Alaskan Way and the temporary pedestrian bridge at Columbia Street