Getting to Colman Dock

View current access information for driverspedestrians, people with disabilities, and bicycles  

  • Starting Jan. 21, 2020, Bremerton drive-on passengers will use Slip 3 and will exit at Marion Street. Bainbridge Island drive-on passengers will continue to Slip 1.
  • Stay informed about the latest changes and sign up for rider alerts.

What is being done to maximize room for vehicles waiting for the ferry at Colman Dock? 

  • Our contractor is using up to three barges at a time to operate very large construction cranes and stage necessary equipment that would otherwise need to be stored on the dock. We are working on four different sections of the project at the same time. 
  • All of the work on this complex project is happening while we maintain full ferry service to and from Seattle. ​

Driving a vehicle or walking onto the ferry

Overview map of pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle access to Colman Dock through early 2023.

Driving to the dock in Seattle

  • All drivers enter at South Jackson Street from Alaskan Way South.
  • During busy times, terminal attendants will direct emergency vehicles and customers with medical priority loading status, as well as registered vanpools and motorcycles to bypass the general waiting lane.

Priority access to the toll plaza

  • Registered vanpools, medical access vehicles and motorcycles have priority access to the toll plaza from Pier 48 during busy times.
  • Registered vanpools receive priority loading onto the ferry whenever possible. 
  • Bainbridge Island motorcycles wait in southern most lanes and load the ferry after bicycles. 
  • Bremerton motorcycles wait in the northern most lanes and load the ferry after bicycles. 

Tips for driving onto the ferry at Colman Dock:

  • There is a lot of congestion along the busy Seattle waterfront. Check traffic conditions before leaving, and be prepared to add up to 30 minutes of additional travel time to get to the dock. You can get information about current conditions on the Seattle/Bainbridge Island and Seattle/Bremerton routes on Twitter (@WSFerries) or, sign up for route alerts by email or text..
  • Take an off-peak sailing. Fewer people drive onto a ferry before 3 p.m. or after 7 p.m.
  • If possible, consider walking on the ferry instead of driving.

Walking onto the ferry

Visit the what to expect during construction page for more infomation regarding changes this fall as we move into a portion of the new terminal building.

  • Terminal access – Customers have several options to enter and exit the new building:
    • The pedestrian bridge between Colman Dock and First Ave at Marion Street.
    • Elevators and stairs at the southwest corner of the dock near the new passenger-only ferry dock at Pier 50.
    • Stairs on Alaskan Way near Columbia Street connecting the street to the terminal level.
  • New holding area for walk-on passengers – A new enclosed walkway connects the pedestrian bridge to the terminal. During busy times, customers will line up and wait in the walkway, which is 24-feet wide with separate queues for Bainbridge and Bremerton passengers.
  • Purchasing tickets
    • To save time, passengers are encouraged to purchase tickets ahead of time online.
    • A staffed ticket booth and self-serve kiosks are located in the new terminal.
    • The staffed ticket booth is the only place to purchase tickets with cash.

  Tips for walk-ons:

  • Even if there is a long line inside the passenger terminal building, you do not need to arrive very early to ensure a seat aboard the ferry. Arriving five or ten minutes before your sailing is sufficient. 
  • To save time, customers are encouraged to purchase tickets ahead of time online
  • Check VesselWatch to see if your boat is on time. 
  • There is plenty of room on the Bremerton and Bainbridge Island ferries to accommodate between 1500 and 2500 passengers. 
  • The only time we approach full walk-on capacity is during major events such as a sports team playoff or series championship games. 

Riding a bicycle onto the ferry 

This map shows how bike riders can access Colman Dock from Alaskan Way

Colman Dock is an active construction zone. For your safety, it is critical that bicycle riders follow all signs and stay in designated holding lanes and bicycle pathways when traveling to and from the ferry. We appreciate your cooperation and patience.   

Getting to the dock in Seattle on a bicycle

Bicycles receive priority access to all sailings, and pay the round-trip passenger fare on the Seattle-side at Colman Dock only.

  • Bainbridge Island riders
    • Coming from the north, use the sidewalk and crosswalk at Yesler Way to enter the toll plaza
    • Coming from the south, use the ferry access lane or crosswalk to enter the toll plaza
    • ORCA card holders may use the ORCA card reader on south side of the toll plaza. All other riders must enter through the toll plaza.
    • All riders wait for the Bainbridge Island ferry in the designated bicycle holding lane, the southernmost lane on the dock.
  • Bremerton riders
    • Coming from the north or south, enter from sidewalk north of Yesler Way.
    • ORCA card holders may use card reader on north side of the toll plaza.  All other riders must enter through the toll plaza.
    • All riders wait for the Bremerton ferry in the designated bicycle holding lane, the northernmost lane on the dock.
  • Additional information about bicycle routes in Seattle.

Exiting the ferry in Seattle on a bicycle

This map shows how bike riders can exit Colman Dock after disembarking the vessel
Cyclists are allowed to off-load the ferry in three separate groups, depending on their preference: at the beginning, middle and end of the vehicle off-loading process.    

  • Bainbridge Island riders
    • Bikes that off-load first, before vehicles, should follow the exit lane to Yesler Way; this lane is marked with bicycle sharrows.
    • Bikes that exit during the middle or final off-load may stay in the exit lane to Yesler Way or use the dedicated bike pathway to the Marion Street exit. Please look for signage and barricades that designate this route. Do not cut across the holding lanes or exit through the toll plaza.
  • Bremerton riders
    • Follow the exit lane to Marion Street; this lane is marked with bicycle sharrows. Do not cut across the holding lanes or exit through the toll plaza.

Information for passengers with disabilities

Washington State Ferries (WSF) is committed to providing equal access to our passengers with disabilities. The current configuration of Colman Dock is a temporary construction zone and provides equal access for our customers with disabilities as required by the ADA. When the project is completed, there will be an additional set of elevators closer to the street; however, those elevators cannot be installed until the final phase of the project.

For passengers being dropped off:

There is a designated ADA Loading Zone in front of the ferry terminal along Alaskan Way near Yesler Way. From the ADA Loading Zone, there is an accessible path to the current elevators (see map above).

Take the elevator to the upper level and cross the pedestrian bridge to the new terminal area – discount tickets for passengers with disabilities are now available at all self-serve kiosks and online.

For pedestrian passengers from Alaskan Way:

There is an accessible path at the intersection of Alaskan Way and Yesler Way. This path leads to both the passenger-only ferries and also the current elevators up to the WSF terminal where discount tickets for passengers with disabilities are now available at all self-serve kiosks and online.

For pedestrian passengers from Marion Street:

There is an accessible path/pedestrian bridge that starts at Marion Street and 1st Avenue; the bridge leads to the ticket booths and terminal. Discount tickets for passengers with disabilities are now available at all self-serve kiosks and online.

For passengers with disabilities in vehicles:

Passengers with a disability may qualify for a reduced passenger fare. Passengers who require the use of an over-height vehicle (7’6” or above) or whose vehicle is equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramp may travel at the posted regular-sized vehicle fare. This is the only vehicle discount available and is only available if the passenger with the disability is in the vehicle.

To receive the reduced fare, passengers are required to have identification indicating eligibility. Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Washington State Ferry Disability Travel Permit
  • Regional Reduced Fare ORCA Card
  • Regional Reduced Fare Card from a different transportation agency
  • Medicare Card
  • Disability Identification Card that is issued with the Accessible Parking Placard
  • Other identification which indicates that the holder of the card is a person with a disability.

Note: An Accessible Parking Placard by itself is not identification that will work to receive a discounted fare.


Passengers who need to travel with an attendant aboard the ferries can get a personal care attendant endorsement on their WSF Disability Travel Permit, Regional Reduced Fare Permit, or Disability Identification Card. This endorsement will allow the attendant free passenger fare. If the attendant is driving a vehicle, the vehicle fare still must be paid. 

More information on how to apply for the RRFP can be found here:

Service Animals

Washington State Ferries allows service animals in all public areas of the terminals and vessels, as required by state and federal law. Employees are authorized to inquire whether the animal is a service animal for a person with a disability and what task or service the animal is trained to perform. Owners must be in control of their animals at all times.

For more information and to apply for the WSF Disability Travel Permit, please contact Washington State Ferries Customer Service at 888-808-7977.