2020 Eastern Region Chip Seal - Complete October 2020

Project news

The project was awarded to Central Washington Asphalt Inc. Construction began June 8 and was completed in October 2020.

Needs & benefits

Several sections of the roadway will be chip sealed to rehabilitate the pavement to preserve and maintain the pavement structure. 

  • Four sections, US 2 from SR 21 to Creston, SR 23 from Lords Creek Rd. to SR 28, SR 27 from Rockford to Freeman and SR 231 from Fisher Rd to US 395 of the chip seal will rehabilitate existing bituminous pavement to preserve and maintain pavement structure. These sections will receive bituminous surface treatment, fog seal and rumble strips. Not all sections, but most will receive crack seal, pavement repair, prelevel, and guardrail.
  • Three additional sections of US 395 and US 2 will receive shouldering. In these sections, the existing surface beyond the paved shoulder has compacted, settled or eroded and has created a drop off from the paved shoulder to the shoulder rock. Crushed surfacing will be added outside the paved shoulder to bring rock up to the level of the existing pavement.
  • Three sections of US 2, SR 20 and SR 270 will receive a chip seal of the existing wheel ruts.
  • Three sections of the I-90 US 395 high-speed ramps at the Ritzville interchange will be chip sealed, crack sealed, pavement repair, shouldering and some bridge deck work.


This project was completed in October 2020.


Financial Data for PIN 600222K, 602305X, 602706X, 623104U
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)

  • Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) - $6,257
  • Total - $6,257


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Map of Chip Seal projects in Eastern Region