US 2 Westbound Trestle Study - Community Engagement

To ensure we heard from community members, we conducted an online open house from Monday, Sept. 14 – Friday, Oct. 16, 2020 to share our findings. An accompanying online survey asked people who use the westbound US 2 trestle and area residents about their experiences on it.

More than 2,200 people took the survey. We asked 17 questions, not including demographic questions. The study questions and results are available in the planning and environmental linkages study.

Survey highlights

Top three problems with the existing trestle

  • More than 58% believe the problem is not enough lanes.
  • 53% said population growth has overwhelmed the trestle.
  • 45% said the existing ramp to southbound I-5 can accommodate peak period traffic. 

Use of transit, car/vanpooling

  • More than 55% said they will not use transit. 
  • 29% said direct transit service with no or fewer transfers would encourage them to use it or use it more often.
  • 26% said a dedicated HOV lane would encourage them to try car or vanpooling.

Paying for a new bridge or improvements

  • 41% supported using the existing gas tax.
  • 28% did not support using the existing gas tax, user tolls, a Snohomish County tax, or a combination.
  • 21% chose "other" and added comments stating opposition to tolls or any additional taxes. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we did not hold in-person events or meetings during the community engagement period. We plan to do more community outreach, particularly with limited English-proficiency residents and other under-represented populations, if future phases of the project development receive funding.