US 2 - Upper Wenatchee Valley Corridor Transportation Study

Study news

The Washington State Department of Transportation commissioned this study to identify ways to improve safety and mobility on US 2 from Coles Corner through Leavenworth to Cashmere, Washington.

A Public Open House is coming in August, but an Online Open House is already available. Visit and contribute to the On Line Open House regularly as the study advances.  Participate in surveys, check out the maps, pictures, videos and sign up to have email study updates sent directly to you.

The study area focus is broken into four sections with different opportunities and drawbacks.

  • Segment 1 - Tumwater Canyon (14 Miles from Coles Corner to Icicle Road)
  • Segment 2 - Leavenworth (1.25 Miles from Icicle Road to East Leavenworth Road)
  • Segment 3 - East of Leavenworth to US 97 (4 Miles from E. Leavenworth Road to US 97)
  • Segment 4 - US 97 to Cashmere (5 Miles from US 97 to Hay Canyon Road)

Why is WSDOT conducting this study?

The US 2 Upper Wenatchee Valley Corridor Transportation Study aims to improve mobility and safety for all modes of travel throughout the corridor. At the end of the study, the project team will identify a set of near- and long-term improvements for all modes of travel, including transit, freight, cars, bicyclists and pedestrians.

The project team will work directly with the public throughout the process to ensure the diversity of public concerns and your aspirations are understood, considered and directly reflected in the final recommendations.


  • The study kicked off early 2019 with the first meeting of the Project Advisory Committee.
  • The study team has gathered and documented information about collisions, traffic volumes, travel patterns and more to inform the next phase of the project.
  • The study team has developed a Vision and Guiding Principles for the corridor.
  • The study team will develop and evaluate proposed improvements
  • The study team will gather community thoughts (August Open House) to present the study’s recommendations in September


This study is funded for $250,000 with State and Federal Transportation Funds.


Nicholas Manzaro
North Central Region
Planning Manager