SR 202 Corridor Studies

Map of study area for SR 202 corridor study.WSDOT is conducting two corridor studies along SR 202.  The first study will focus on SR 202 between 244th Ave NE to 324th Ave SE, and the second study will cover SR 202 between 324th Ave SE and SR 203 in Fall City.

Study Purposes

SR 202 in Fall City

SR 202 within Fall City does not currently meet the needs of all users and lacks sidewalks between residential areas and businesses. This study will assess corridor needs for SR 202 from the 324th Ave SE intersection to the roundabout junction at SR 203. It will document strategies to improve operations, safety performance, and accessibility for all users.

SR 202 -  244th Avenue NE to 324th Avenue SE

Between 244th Ave NE and 324th Ave SE, SR 202 passes through rural King County as a high-speed state highway.  Multiple intersections along the corridor have a history of injury crashes and safety concerns. This study will document the community vision for this section of SR 202, and will develop strategies to improve operations, safety performance, and accessibility for all users. 

Community Engagement

We want to hear from you! WSDOT plans to gather feedback and ideas from local stakeholders and community members via online surveys later this year.  

Study Outcomes

The information gathered in these two SR 202 studies will help WSDOT and our partners identify potential improvements to address corridor needs. Examples could include:

  • Better walking and bicycling facilities along SR 202 in Fall City.
  • Improved intersections along the rural, high-speed portions of SR 202.


Summer/Fall 2020

  • Engage with key stakeholders and nearby communities. 
  • Gather feedback from corridor users through online web surveys (one for each section of SR 202).
  • Collect and analyze corridor performance and existing conditions information.
  • Compile and share public web-survey results.
  • Begin safety and traffic analysis, conduct a scan of environmental features.

Winter/Spring 2021

  • Develop practical improvement concepts based on community input and analysis.
  • Share concepts with the community and gather additional feedback.

Summer 2021

  • Summarize findings in a final report.


The SR 202 Multimodal Planning Studies are funded through the WSDOT Transportation, Planning, Data, and Research program. Funding for concepts identified in the studies is not currently available. 

Study Updates

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Your feedback is important

Please contact us with questions or comments regarding the SR 202 Corridor Studies:

Thomas Noyes, Senior Transportation Planner
WSDOT - Management of Mobility Division

Maan Sidhu, Assistant Area Traffic Engineer – King County
WSDOT - Northwest Region Traffic