SR 523 - 145th Street Multimodal Corridor Study Update

SR 523 145th Street Map

Study status

The initial phase of this planning work is complete. Pending further funding, coordination with agency partners will be necessary to complete the study update, including: aligning with partner timelines for projects currently in design, finalizing a full-buildout plan for the corridor, developing a phasing and implementation plan, and continuing public outreach.

Study purpose

145th Street is the border between the cities of Seattle and Shoreline, and is an important east-west corridor for northwest King County. The corridor currently experiences frequent congestion and bottlenecks, provides a poor pedestrian environment, and has limited transit amenities.

Together with agency partners, WSDOT is coordinating an update to the 145th Street Multimodal Corridor Study, which was led by the City of Shoreline and completed in 2016. Building on the 2016 study, WSDOT will create an updated planning document to reflect changes to current projects and continued assessment of needs along the corridor. The goal of this study update is to produce a WSDOT-approved update to the corridor plan that will guide WSDOT design review and approval of permits for existing projects, while preserving the ability to meet longer-term needs on the corridor that are beyond the scope of current projects. 

The current projects that are being developed and reviewed are:

  • Sound Transit’s SR 522/145th Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project
  • City of Shoreline’s 145th Street Corridor Project
  • City of Shoreline’s 145th and I-5 Interchange Project

WSDOT study partners include: the City of Shoreline, the City of Seattle, the City of Lake Forest Park, Sound Transit, King County Metro, and Puget Sound Regional Council.

Community engagement

During open houses hosted by agency partners, WSDOT gathered feedback and ideas from local stakeholders and community members based on their experiences of the corridor. Outreach included:

  • Participation in Sound Transit’s BRT Open House at the Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Church in Shoreline on January 30th, 2019.

The end result

This study update considered issues including safety concerns, traffic congestion, narrow sidewalks with obstructions, lack of bicycle facilities along the corridor, limited transit service and amenities, how the new light rail station will affect 145th Street, and other issues.

This update also explored options for longer-term improvements for access to Sound Transit’s future Link Light Rail station near 145th Street and the BRT investments on 145th Street for people taking transit, walking, biking, and driving. This included consideration of wider sidewalks along 145th Street.

Study timeline

Winter 2019

  • Engage with key stakeholders and nearby communities.
  • Gather corridor user feedback through open houses.
  • Collect and analyze design plans from agency and jurisdictional partners.

Spring 2019

  • Develop practical concepts for a multiuse path based on community and partner input.
  • Synthesize existing project information and corridor vision in a draft technical memo.


Please contact us with questions or comments about this corridor study:

Celeste Gilman
Deputy Director
WSDOT Regional Transit Coordination Division

Nazmul Alam
Corridor Planning Manager
WSDOT Management of Mobility Division