SR 500 42nd Ave - 54th Ave Safety Improvements Study - Map

SR 500 42nd Ave - 54th Ave Safety Improvements Study map


In spring and summer 2018, WSDOT conducted a study to identify cost-efficient safety improvements along SR 500 between St. Johns Road and Andresen Road in Vancouver. During the study, thousands of people who live, walk, bike or drive through this area told us their top priorities for this corridor are safety, reliable travel on SR 500, and access to SR 500 from Northeast Falk Road/Northeast 42nd Avenue and Northeast 54th Avenue/Northeast Stapleton Road.

In collaboration with local partners including the City of Vancouver, Clark County, C-TRAN and the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council, WSDOT has selected the Right In, Right Out concept to improve safety on SR 500 in Vancouver. This concept was selected due in part to the balance it provides between significant safety improvements to SR 500 and maintaining some connectivity to SR 500 from local streets.

WSDOT has worked with emergency service providers to determine improvements to the Right In, Right Out concept and/or adjacent interchanges to support effective emergency response times. Emergency service providers and the public were most supportive of this concept.

 Next steps

Now that a cost-effective project has been identified, WSDOT has secured funding to begin initial implementation of safety improvements. Removing the traffic lights on SR 500 at Northeast Falk Road/Northeast 42nd Avenue and Northeast 54th Avenue/Northeast Stapleton Road, installing a barrier in the middle of the highway, extending merging lanes, and reconfiguring both intersections to safely direct traffic onto and off of the highway are relatively low cost, easily implementable safety solutions. These changes are predicted to reduce the number of collisions at or near the intersections by up to 70 percent, as well as to improve travel times on SR 500. With that in mind, WSDOT is working internally and with our partners to implement the Right In, Right Out design as early as this fall.

For travelers using sidewalks or bicycle facilities, immediate improvements will remove the ability to cross SR 500 at NE 54th Ave/ NE Stapleton Ave until the grade-separated can be designed and constructed. WSDOT recognizes that, especially for trips on foot, this closure may substantially increase how long it takes to make these trips for some travelers. We are working to share information with potentially affected groups and individuals and are exploring options with local service providers to mitigate these effects.

WSDOT plans to complete future improvements as time and funding allow. These activities include designing and constructing a new grade-separated crossing at NE Stapleton Rd./NE 54th Ave and addressing secondary effects that may be associated with immediate improvements, which could include investment in city or county transportation facilities. Funding is identified in our 10-year plan, specifically starting in the 2021 -2023 biennium. WSDOT is working with our partners to find opportunities to advance that funding if possible.


Your feedback is important

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