SR 26 - Othello Area Transportation Study

Study news

The Washington State Department of Transportation initiated this study to identify ways to improve safety and mobility on SR 26 near Othello, Washington.

A Public Open House was held April 18, 2019 at the Othello City Hall and an online open house was available through May 5.

The study area focused on SR 26 from Thacker Road to 14th Avenue, chosen due to intersection collision histories, identified cross highway traffic conflicts, and growth leading to more congestion.

This study is to identify specific projects to improve traffic safety and operations at these intersections:

  • Thacker Rd.: Turning and failure to yield crashes - Consider extending turn pockets and shoulder widening?
  • Taylor Rd.: Rear end collisions - Consider turn lanes on SR 26? Addition of acceleration lanes and signage?
  • Moon Rd.: Rear-enders, left turns, foot traffic - Consider turn pockets and intersection widening on SR 26? More illumination? A pedestrian canal crossing?
  • 1st Ave.: Left turns, failure to yield, foot traffic, large trucks - Consider a traffic signal or roundabout? Crosswalk? Restriping for turning trucks? Longer acceleration/deceleration lanes?
  • 14th Ave.: Failure to yield crashes, foot traffic - Consider a traffic signal or roundabout? Turn lanes on 14th? Crosswalks?

Why did WSDOT conduct this study?

This study had four objectives:

  • Reach consensus on what are the most pressing transportation needs.
  • Identify the most cost-effective ways to address those needs.
  • Create a plan to phase construction of the projects as funding becomes available.
  • Ensure the community has been engaged and is committed to the plan.


A final planning study is forthcoming.


WSDOT has funded this study for $121,000 with State Transportation Funds.


Nicholas Manzaro
North Central Region
Planning Manager