Peak Hour Report

The Peak Hour Report is a list of the highest volume hours of the year at our Permanent Traffic Recorder sites. It summarizes the top 200 hours of the year by site and by direction. The Peak Hour report is used for estimating the volume of traffic used in the design process by Planning offices, Traffic offices and engineers.

Questions or comments regarding the Peak Hour Reports, or if you need an older report not listed, please contact the Permanent Traffic Recorder Data Collection & Processing Section or call (360) 570-2392.

Reports by Year

2018 (pdf 9 mb) 2017 (pdf 9.5 mb) 2016 (pdf 10.0 mb) 2015 (pdf 7.7 mb)
2014 (pdf 5.3 mb) 2013 (pdf 7.0 mb) 2012 (pdf 5.3 mb) 2011 (pdf 4.8 mb)


Peak Hour Report may be used when determining traffic patterns.

Peak Hour Report is used for determining projected and estimated traffic volumes.

Peak Hour Report is used for project design purposes by planning and engineering offices. (State, County, City and private).