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Crash Data Requests

If you would like to request WSDOT Crash Data, please select from one of the following:

If you are WSDOT Personnel, WSDOT Consultants, WSDOT Partners such as Cities, Counties, Law Enforcement or Wa. State Agencies please use:

Standard Crash Data Request Form.

If you are Non-WSDOT Consultants, Private Citizens, Attorneys, Members of the Media, University personnel, Students or Tribal Members please use:

WSDOT Public Disclosure Request Center.


After completing the .pdf, please email to

Or you can print it out and USPS mail or fax it to:

Crash Data and Reporting Branch
PO Box 47381
Olympia, WA 98504-7381
Fax: (360) 570-2449

Upon entering the WSDOT Public Disclosure Request Center you will create a new account that you will use to submit your request and receive your data.

2019 TIB Grant Crash Data Request Form
Note: Grants are due August 16th, 2019.

After completing the .pdf, please email to


If you have any questions regarding Crash Data,
please call (360) 570-2454.

If you have need assistance using the Request Center,
please call (360) 705-7424.


Pursuant to Public Information Release of Collision Data Policy Statement P 2021.00)(pdf 492 kb)