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Crash Data for Local Agencies

Cities, counties, tribes, and other organizations often use crash data to identify, evaluate and prioritize safety enhancements at potential crash sites, in projects and when applying for grants. In Washington, a law enforcement officer investigates a crash occurring on a public roadway where there is more than $1,000 damage to property or a person is injured, a Police Traffic Collision Report (PTCR) is required. These reports are sent to the Washington State Patrol Collision Record Section that is embedded within WSDOT’s Transportation Data, GIS & Modeling Office. Raw data from the PTCR submitted to WSP’s Law Enforcement Database. WSDOT’s Crash Data and Reporting Branch analyzes all PTCR’s and adds additional safety and engineering information to the crash record which is stored in their statewide crash data repository. This data is available for every county and incorporated city within the state.


Obtain Crash Data through WSDOT by:

  1. Accessing maps, charts and high-level tabular data using WSDOT’s Crash Data Portal
  2. Signing up for a monthly jurisdictional data feed.
  3. Contact the Crash Data & Reporting Branch to talk to a representative to receive crash data to meet your business needs.


Obtain copies of the Police Traffic Collision Reports by:

  1. Local agency transportation professionals can ask their police or sheriff's office for a copy of a police officer's actual collision report.
  2. Local agency transportation professionals can ask WSDOT for reports free of charge by the following methods:
    • Local agencies with an occasional need to view collision reports can request them directly from Washington State Patrol by contacting them at: 360-570-2355.
    • Local agencies with a frequent need to view collision reports can request access to an online viewer (software). Please contact Matty Olesh , 360-570-2465.