Trucking and Truck Parking

small photo of semi truck

Trucks move an estimated $42 million of freight on roadways in Washington state every hour of every day. Freight trucking is used for long-distance transport as well as urban goods delivery.

There are over 7,000 miles of highways in Washington state, and thousands of additional miles of smaller roads, that all provide mobility for freight moving into, out of, within, and through the state.

Truck Parking

Truck parking study

WSDOT studied truck parking in order to better understand and address truck parking-related issues across the state. With 64% of freight in Washington transported by truck, trucks are an essential component of freight supply chains and are critical to the economic competitiveness of the state. While truck freight volume is projected to increase, a survey of the national highway system, required by the federal 2012 Jason's Law, found that Washington has severe truck parking challenges. The study identifies key industry stakeholders, factors influencing parking demand, truck parking supply and capacity, key truck parking issues and concerns, opportunities for improvements, best practices from other states, and next steps to continue truck parking efforts. 

Truck parking maps
The Truck Parking Facilities Maps show the locations of safe places for truck drivers to take their mandatory rest breaks.

Resources for commercial truckers