Washington State Ferries Long Range Plan legislation

The following legislation will guide WSF in developing the 2040 Long Range Plan.

  • 2007 Legislative Directive (ESHB 2358)
    • Include service objectives for routes
    • Forecast demand
    • Develop investment strategies that consider regional and statewide needs
    • Support local use plans, and assure that ferry services are fully integrated with other transportation services
    • provide for the preservation of capital assets based on lowest life-cycle cost methods; be consistent with the regional transportation plans
    • Be developed in conjunction with the Ferry Advisory Committees
  • 2017/2019 Transportation Budget
    • Review the changing needs of ferry system users and funding opportunities and challenges
    • Evaluate strategies to help spread peak ridership
    • Identify operational changes to reduce costs
    • Address the seismic vulnerability and emergency preparedness of the system