Permits & approvals for work on forest lands

Work on forest lands may require approval from the property owner. Who gets the approval from the property owner and when will depend on whether the forest lands are private, state, or federally owned and managed.

For work on private or state forest lands

You may need a Forest Practices Permit from the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to salvage downed wood or cut down standing trees. For more information on when and how to get this permit go to DNR’s Forest Practices Website.

For work in a National Forest

If your work takes place outside of Washington Department of Transportation right of way and within the boundaries of a National Forest, you may need a special use permit. For additional information on when and how to get this permit go to the US Forest Service's (USFS) Special Use Permit application website. Contact the USFS ranger station for the forest you are working in for additional information.