Social & community

Learn how to consider social and community effects of a project under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

Read Chapter 458: Social and Community Effects of our Environmental Manual to learn more about considerations WSDOT takes to assess social, economic, community, equity, and relocation impacts during the project development process.  

Environmental Justice & LEP

Find guidance and tools project teams and other WSDOT programs need to identify and engage Environmental Justice and Limited English Proficient (LEP) communities, including guidance for projects documented as an EA or EIS to write an Environmental Justice analysis.

Social and community effects

Our project-level analysis required by NEPA/SEPA helps our efforts toward equity in the decision making process. Refer to our Community Engagement Plan (2.1 mb) to see our commitment to inclusive community engagement. We engage with partners, stakeholders, tribes, and communities for all agency efforts from the earliest planning, through project and service delivery, continuing into maintenance and operations.     

An EA or EIS (Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement) level project requires a social and community effects analysis. An Environmental Justice (EJ) section may be included in this analysis or may be separate study. The topics considered in the analysis are typically identified during the project’s early public involvement and scoping process.

Projects requiring a Discipline Report can use the Social Effects Discipline Report Template (pdf 52 kb). Work with Ashley Carle, to determine the outline. Reviewers should use the Social Discipline Report Checklist (pdf 51 kb) for general guidance during their review.

To evaluate relocation impacts, use the process described in our Right of Way Manual. Projects requiring relocations can use the Relocation Discipline Report Checklist (pdf 44 kb) for general guidance during their review.

In rare cases, when the issue is complex and has significant impacts, you may need an Economic Effects Discipline Report. If so, use the Economic Effects Discipline Report Template (docx 18 kb). Reviewers should use the Economic Elements Discipline Report Checklist (pdf 43 kb) for general guidance during your review.