Noise monitoring & research reports

To better understand and address the effects of noise on our communities and environment, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) participates in a variety of noise research and monitoring efforts.

Quieter pavement research

The Materials Lab at WSDOT has been evaluating new types of pavements that might reduce freeway noise at the source - from tires as they roll across the pavement. View our studies on quieter pavement.

Rumble strip reports

Noise from vehicles passing over rumble strips is a major source of complaints from residents living adjacent to highways in Washington state. Results suggest that some designs have lower exterior sound levels and sufficient interior sound levels.

Evaluation of Current Centerline Rumble Strip Design(s) to Reduce Roadside Noise and Promote Safety – This project evaluated wayside noise levels from various centerline rumble strip designs to determine overall sound levels and 1/3-octave band frequencies. However, the effects of specific design variables on exterior noise levels were inconclusive and suggest that interactions among variables contribute to exterior sound levels.

Pile driving reports

The lists below include research reports on different pile driving methods and monitoring reports from past WSDOT projects. Reports are organized in three categories:

Washington State Ferries projects

Bridge projects

Research projects