Environmental commitments & compliance

Environmental commitments are developed during project design, by consulting with regulatory agencies and tribes, through the NEPA/SEPA process (jpg 331 kb), and during permitting. Follow the procedures on this page to track environmental commitments and to report non-compliance events. 

Visit our Environmental disciplines webpage for discipline-specific compliance guidance. Use the Wetlands monitoring and Wetlands during construction webpages to comply with wetland and stream commitments.

Review the Environmental sections in the Construction Manual (pdf 91 kb) for additional information on environmental compliance and commitment tracking.

Reporting non-compliance events

Non-compliance events happen when work violates environmental permits, agreements, laws, or regulations. Follow the Environmental Compliance Assurance Procedures (ECAP) listed below to recognize and rectify environmental non-compliance events during design, construction, and maintenance.

  • Design ECAP procedure in Chapter 225.05(1) of the WSDOT Design Manual – Did not comply with the laws or policies. For example, if the work didn’t have a required permit, approval, or clearance as outlined in the Environmental Manual and design manual.
  • Construction ECAP procedure in Chapter 1, SS 1-07.5, of the WSDOT Construction Manual – Did not comply with the environmental commitments in the construction contract and the commitment list.
  • Maintenance ECAP procedure (pdf 69 kb) – Did not comply with laws or policies per the Environmental Manual and maintenance manual and long-term commitments from the construction contract.

Tracking environmental commitments


Read Chapter 490: Tracking Environmental Commitments during Design of the WSDOT Environmental Manual to understand the policy context for tracking environmental commitments. During the design phase, start identifying and tracking commitments so they can be included in the design:  

Contract Preparation

See Chapter 590: Incorporating Environmental Commitments into Contracts of the WSDOT Environmental Manual for more information about the policies governing this work.

All environmental commitments are incorporated into construction contacts to ensure that our contractors incorporate the commitments into their work.



Prior to the start of construction

See Chapter 610: Preparing for Construction of the WSDOT Environmental Manual for the policy context.  Follow the procedures below to make sure that all the commitments are easy for the contractor to find and follow and that the contractor is prepared for environmental commitments before work begins.

During construction

Follow the procedures below during construction to check that the contactor is in compliance with the environmental commitments. See Chapter 620: During Construction of the WSDOT Environmental Manual.

Once construction is complete

Follow the procedures below to make sure that all the environmental commitments have been met. See Chapter 630: Close Out of Environmental Commitments of the WSDOT Environmental Manual