Protecting the environment

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We are committed to ensuring our work has minimal effects on the natural environment and our communities.

History, archaeology and culture

Videos, project webpages, information centers, and publications that demonstrate the results of creative mitigation and notable historical resources describing the history of Washington’s Transportation system

Improving fish passage

Learn more about fish barriers we've removed and what we're working on next.

Litter on state highways 

How our crews work to remove trash from the sides of our highway system.

Maintaining vegetation along our highways

Our methods for controlling negative and promoting natural greenery along our state highway system.

Protecting pollinators

Ensuring the animals that help our natural greenery grow thrive.

Sustainable transportation

Best actions and practices to deliver sustainability benefits for the agency and the state.

How WSDOT manages stormwater and pollutants from state highways and facilities.

Spills are unplanned releases of materials on or near the highway. Reporting procedures are determined by the type of spill and relationship to WSDOT.

Creating wildlife crossings for animals to use instead of crossing a busy highway.

Since the mid-1970s, WSDOT has tracked the number of deer and elk carcasses removed by our maintenance staff.

If you live near a roadway, you may be concerned about traffic noise. At the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), we recognize this impact from our highways and work to reduce it where we can.