Utilities, Railroads, and Agreements

Utilities, Railroads, and Agreements (URA) provide centralized review, technical, and coordinative services for statewide projects and initiatives involving utilities, railroads, and agreements. We ensure compliance with consistent application of utility accommodation, agreement, and railroad policy.

We provide technical guidance and training on agreement development, utility policy, and railroad project coordination.
Utility permits and franchise information as well as guidelines and resources can be found on the Utilities - Permits and Franchises page. 

If you are looking for latest version of Standard Form agreements, please visit the WSDOT Electronic Forms page.

Our WSDOT Railroad Liaison provides direct support to regions and other HQ offices with highway-railroad projects.

If you are looking for active interlocal agreements, please visit the Interagency, Maintenance, Railroad & Utility Agreements page. 

For guidance on writing and processing agreements, please review the Agreements Manual.  For WSDOT and consultants, please see the Agreement Review Transmittal System (ART) User's Guide (pdf 980 kb) to help process agreements. 

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Utilities, Railroads and Agreement Manager 
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Railroad and Technical Support
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Railroad Liaison and Agreements

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Highway Access and Agreements Specialist