Environmental services contacts

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Environmental Services Office receptionist, 360-705-7483

Megan White, P.E., Director, 360-705-7480, Megan.White@wsdot.wa.gov

Regional & modal environmental managers

View this map to find your region:

Map of Washington state broken into the six WSDOT regions.

Eastern, Tammie Williams, 509-324-6134, Tammie.Williams@wsdot.wa.gov

North Central, Cindy Lysne, 509-667-3055, Cindy.Lysne@wsdot.wa.gov

Northwest, Cameron Kukes, 206-440-4548, Cameron.Kukes@wsdot.wa.gov

Olympic, Jeff Sawyer, 360-570-6701, Jeff.Sawyer@wsdot.wa.gov

South Central, Bill Sauriol, 509-577-1752, Bill.Sauriol@wsdot.wa.gov

Southwest, Angie Haffie, 360-905-2176, Angie.Haffie@wsdot.wa.gov

Ferries Operation/Vessels, Robert Price, 206-515-3797, Robert.Price@wsdot.wa.gov

Ferries Terminal Engineering, Kevin Bartoy, 206-515-3856, Kevin.Bartoy@wsdot.wa.gov

Rail, Cheryl McNamara, 360-705-7490, Cheryl.McNamara@wsdot.wa.gov

Program managers by discipline

Use this list to Find an expert by topic (PDF 141KB)

Air & Energy, Karin Landsberg, 360-705-7491, Karin.Landsberg@wsdot.wa.gov

Cultural resources, Scott Williams, 360-570-6651, cell 360-628-3219, Scott.Williams@wsdot.wa.gov

Endangered Species Act Liaisons, Michelle Meade, 360-705-7662, Michelle.Meade@wsdot.wa.gov

Environmental information, Keisha Chinn, 360-705-7895, Keisha.Chinn@wsdot.wa.gov

Finance & Contracts, Jodie Vosse, 360-705-7461, Jodie.Vosse@wsdot.wa.gov

Fish & Wildlife, Jeff Dreier, 360-705-7254, Jeff.Dreier@wsdot.wa.gov

Fish passage barrier corrections, Kim Mueller, 360-705-7404, Kim.Mueller@wsdot.wa.gov

Haz-Mat and Solid Waste, Ben Wilkinson, 360-570-6656, Ben.Wilkinson@wsdot.wa.gov

Hydrology, Garrett Jackson, 360-705-7485, cell 360-789-4098, Garrett.Jackson@wsdot.wa.gov

Megaprograms, Margaret Kucharski, 206-770-3540, Margaret.Kucharski@wsdot.wa.gov

NEPA/SEPA compliance, Justin Zweifel, 360-705-7492, Justin.Zweifel@wsdot.wa.gov

Noise, Jim Laughlin, 206-440-4643, Jim.Laughlin@wsdot.wa.gov

Permitting compliance, Gretchen Coker, 360-705-7429, Gretchen.Coker@wsdot.wa.gov

Permitting Liaisons, Steph Jackson, 360-705-7464, Stephanie.Jackson@wsdot.wa.gov

Restoration crew, Jamie Butler, 360-570-6659, cell 360-918-6033, Jamie.Butler@wsdot.wa.gov

Stormwater permits, Sheena Pietzold, 360-570-6644, Sheena.Pietzold@wsdot.wa.gov

Stormwater monitoring & research, Nick Hehemann, 360-570-6648, Nick.Hehemann@wsdot.wa.gov

Stormwater features inventory, Cory Simon, 360-570-2589, Cory.Simon@wsdot.wa.gov

Stream restoration, Susan Kanzler, 360-705-7250, Susan.Kanzler@wsdot.wa.gov

Wetlands, Tony Bush, 360-570-6640, cell 360-742-2624, Tony.Bush@wsdot.wa.gov

14 fish passage projects were completed in 2020

improving access to 54.2 miles of upstream habitat.

11,959 incidents responded to

by WSDOT’s incident Response teams during second quarter of 2021, 15% more than same quarter in 2020.

41 Pre-existing Funds Projects Advertised

during the eighth quarter of the 2019-2021 biennium.