Hazardous materials

Identify and resolve hazardous materials (HazMat) related regulatory and compliance challenges to minimize agency risk. Hazardous materials may include lead, creosote, asbestos, chemically contaminated sediment, releases from underground storage tanks or other solid waste. Use the webpages linked below to investigate, sample and comply with local and federal laws to safely manage and dispose of hazardous materials from early planning through construction.

Use Ecology's Report a spill of oil or hazardous materials website to report spills. For WSDOT projects, the contractor should fill out the Spill Report Form (DOCX 32KB) and send it to Ecology.

Read Environmental Manual Chapter 447: Hazardous Materials (PDF 275KB) for the policy context for HazMat considerations.

Use this page to conduct Hazardous Materials (HazMat) investigations and sampling and document risks during planning or early in project design to identify potential contamination in work areas.

Learn what to do with contaminated waste during construction.

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