Questions and answers for employees. For the most up to date information on what’s happening within our state please visit https://coronavirus.wa.gov/

Connecting as people doesn't have to be incidental. It can be intentional and prioritized.

With that in mind we've curated a list of what regions around the state are doing to stay in contact and forge stronger connections with their coworkers. Before planning any activities, be sure to check the notes at the bottom of the page for additional guidance regarding compliance with WSDOT policies and the State Ethics law:

"COVID fatigue" is real with regards to all the precautions and protocols in place both at work and outside of it. I cannot stress enough that your safety and the safety of others is something we take seriously and expect that you will too. It is important to reiterate the need to abide by our COVID-19 safety practices and to make safe, healthy choices at work as well as when off duty.

We are all affected by COVID-19 in our daily lives in ways that we may not recognize. Watch this presentation that addresses the specifics about where we are on a larger scale with how we are each responding to this pandemic emotionally and physically at home and in the workplace.
For many of us, virtual meetings are now a daily occurrence. We put together backgrounds of our work throughout the state to use as your background.

WSDOT-themed fun-filled booklet featuring a word scramble, a word search, mad libs, coloring pages, multimedia projects, and more.