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TO: Bridge & Structures Office Design Staff
FROM: J. Kapur
DATE: November 9, 2001
SUBJECT: Bridge Approach Slabs

  The current WSDOT policy has been for the Geotech Branch to identify the need for bridge approach slabs as part of the bridge Foundation Report.  The WSDOT Regions have been responsible for including bridge approach slabs in their portion of the contract documents (plans, specifications, and estimates) while referring to Standard Plan A-2 for structural details.

 The results achieved with the current process have been inconsistent and sometimes less than desirable.  In most situations, the Region has to figure out how to configure and fit the approach slabs to match the ends of the bridge.  In other instances, approach slabs have been deleted under contract to reduce project costs regardless of the Geotech Branch recommendations.  The Federal 1997 Region 10 Quality Improvement Review recommended including bridge approach slabs in the Bridge Plans to address these issues. 

With concurrence of the State Regions and the Geotechnical Branch, the Bridge and Structures Office will update BDM Chapter 8 as shown on the following pages. Effective immediately, (projects advertised as of December 3, 2001) bridge approach slabs will be included in the Bridge Plans. 

If you have any questions regarding these issues, please contact Bruce Thill at 705-7393.





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         E. H. Henley, Bridge and Structures 47340

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