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TO: Design Section Staff
FROM: Chuck Ruth   PHONE: 705-7209
DATE: July 13, 2000
SUBJECT: Modification of Bridge and Structures Office Policy Shoring Design for Structures Adjacent to Railroads.


For new in-house prepared design plans, the Design Unit Manager or lead designer will be responsible for shoring plans for structures adjacent to railroads. It is recommended that the Construction Support Unit design, prepare, and seal shoring plans. However, the design unit may elect to design, prepare, and seal shoring plans.

For consultant prepared design plans, the Design Unit Manager or lead reviewer will be responsible for coordinating and having the consultant design shoring plans for structures adjacent to railroads. The Construction Support Unit has design criteria and sample plan details which can be used by consultants.

A representative from Construction Support is available to attend design project kick-off meetings if there is a need for railroad shoring plans. Regardless of who prepares the bridge plans, all shoring plans should be reviewed by the Construction Support Unit before they are submitted for railroad review and approval at the 50% PS&E stage.

For completed bridge office shelf projects, the S&E Engineer will contact the Region Project Engineer and inform the Design Unit Manager or lead reviewer on the need for shoring plans for structures adjacent to railroads. If shoring plans are required, the Design Unit Manager or lead designer will request the Construction Support Unit to prepare shoring plans.

At the 50% PS&E plan completion stage, or sooner if possible especially for seismic retrofit project, the S&E Engineer will send four (4) copies of the layout, foundation plan, temporary shoring plans, and appropriate special provision section for structures adjacent to railroads to the WSDOT RR Liaison Engineer, who will submit this package to the appropriate railroad for review and approval. The shoring plans shall show the pressure loading diagram and calculations to expedite the Railroad’s review.

This policy will be effective immediately and incorporated in future BDM revisions.


Once a project has gone to contract, the time for Contractors to obtain railroad approval for temporary construction shoring of structures adjacent to railroads is too long. To shorten the lengthy railroad review and approval time, the AGC/WSDOT Structures Team, working with the Construction Support Unit, developed a process for including and submitting shoring plans as part of the complete Bridge PS&E. It is hoped that by including the temporary shoring plans at the 50% plan completion stage the approval time will be reduced significantly.

The WSDOT Bridge and Structures Construction Support Unit developed typical shoring plans which were approved by the AGC/WSDOT Structures Team. Shoring sizes and material types shown on the shoring plans are of the minimum sizes and stiffnesses required to meet specification requirements. A contractor may substitute larger sizes and stronger materials upon approval of the Construction Support Unit.

The Contractor may also submit for railroad approval an alternate shoring plan if the Contractor believes obtaining shoring plan approval from the railroad is not a critical time element to meet the project delivery.



cc: R. Lewis, Construction, Bridges - 47354

D. Hamblett, Design Railroad Engineer - 47329

M. W. Anderson, Bridge and Structures - 47340

F. Higgins, Bridge and Structures - 47340