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TO: All Design Section Staff - 47340
FROM: J. Kapur
DATE: June 24, 2002
SUBJECT: Design Policy Memo Bridge Approach Slab Layout


The following layout criteria shall apply to all approach slabs with skew angles up to 30°.

  • The roadway end of all approach slabs shall be normal to the centerline of the roadway,
    where the minimum slab plan dimension used for layout will be 25’-0".











Skewed applications must have squared ends to avoid acute angle cracking in the roadway pavement.
This change was requested by the Regions.

Contact Bruce Thill at 705-7393 for questions regarding staging,
stepping, skews over 30° or other approach slab applications.




cc:   J. A. Weigel, Bridge and Structures – 47340R.
            Lewis, Construction - 47354