April 2, 2002

TO:                  All Design Section Staff

FROM:            J. Kapur

PHONE:          705-7209

SUBJECT:       CIP Fascia Panels on Soldier Piles

BACKGROUND:  The Construction Support group is rejecting nearly all initial formwork submittals for fascia panels cast in place onto soldier piles. The submittals do not satisfy the requirements of our special provision placing limitations on the concrete pour pressure when there are no strongbacks behind the lagging. If the concrete pour pressure is higher than the design earth pressure, then the soldier piles can be overstressed during concrete placement if no strongbacks are used.

The following procedures shall be used regarding cast-in-place fascia panels on soldier piles:

1)  Contract plans will include the design earth pressure diagram used to design the soldier piles.

2)  Contract plans will include a generalized detail of typical fascia panel formwork with strongbacks.

These details will assist the contractor in designing formwork that will not overstress the soldier piles.

Please save this memo in BDM Chapter 9 until the BDM is updated.



cc:   J. Weigel - 47340

       F. Higgins 47340